Saturday, March 5, 2016

Paul McCobb for the Planner Group

The furniture of the people ... Up early on a very rainy Saturday, I saw an estate sale sign on the road after picking up my morning coffee and with bleary eyes entered the 1920's bungalow stepping back in time to somebody's eclectic mix of mid century oriental and early 20th century heavy wood furnishings. Walking through the house there wasn't much of interest for me, but seeing the things they left behind and accoutrements of their lives told the story many years in the making. It was the simple, splayed leg coffee table propped conspicuously on top of the old brown wood kitchen table that caught my eye. 

Planner Group Label by Winchendon Furniture Company

Coffee Table by Paul McCobb
This piece has 3 cleats for the legs which is a bit unusual. Pictures of other similar McCobb tables have 2 cleats either crossed or in line.

3 cleat foot attachments - Paul McCobb Planner Group

Back in the day, you couldn't go wrong buying a 1950's Paul McCobb coffee table for your ranch house and for many, the Planner Group designs define mid-century furniture. Paul McCobb furniture is everywhere as he made a LOT of it and it was cheap - at the time :) Love it or Hate it, there is little in between when it comes to the man and his designs. It was the SHAPE not the materials that differentiated his works. 

Oh! I waited until half off Sunday and a break in the rain before throwing it in the back of the blue truck for the ride up to Highland House 

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