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  • David Douglas
  • Georges Briard
  • Walter Lamb
  • Dorothy Thorpe
  • Russel and Mary Wright
  • Courec
  • Metlox
  • Gio Ponti
  • Old Morgantown Glass
  • Interpur

Dorothy Thorpe
Born in Salt Lake City in 1901, Dorothy Thorpe was a mid-century American artist who designed beautiful glassware and ceramic pieces out of her Los Angeles studio. Like many of her mid-century contemporaries, such as Georges Briard and Fred Press, she was a designer, not a manufacturer, of glassware. She purchased simple blank glassware, mostly crystal, from U.S. and European manufacturers and decorated them with her personal designs.

Western Stoneware
Used the Maple Leaf logo until 1930 and used Co. in the mark up until 1906 which dates this piece between 1906 - 1930. Based on the condition of this crock, it would be impossible to imagine that this piece is 84 plus years old - it is absolutely flawless.

Monmouth Pottery Company started working in Monmouth, Illinois, in 1892. The pottery made a variety of utilitarian wares. It became part of Western Stoneware Company in 1906. The maple leaf mark was used until 1930. If Co. appears as part of the mark, the piece was made before 1906. Monmouth's stoneware animal figurines and other small items were not stamped with the company's maple leaf mark.

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