Sunday, July 12, 2015

Something Caught My Eye

I had a friend in the 1980's who loved modern art and as part of his consulting spiel on how to grow professional service businesses he always included a 15 minute section that encouraged business owners to 'go out and buy a few oil paintings, anything that caught their eye', and put it in the waiting room to show customers they had some kind of aesthetic sensibility. I use to love watching the accountants and lawyers all dutifully writing in their notebooks 'Buy Art'!

When we moved into the new house I put a California landscape done by Rod Newhall over the fireplace. Given to me by my mother in the late 1970's I liked the space being filled with SOMETHING even if it didn't exactly express the ideas I had for the room.

This weekend while walking through an estate sale in Terra Linda I found an impressionist piece from the 1960's that works a little better in our MCM living space. The piece called 'Fanciful Flowers' by the Marin Artist Ann Hardy was first sold at the Terra Linda Art Show back in the day. It is an multi-media impressionist piece that with orange/red flowers, gold accents and black netting background fits well with the dining room. The bill of sale and some notes from the show are taped to the back of the piece.

Fanciful Floral by Ann Hardy

Great Colors and Texture 196? 

A sunday Estate Sale with many mid century artifacts I think this just got overlooked as many, many beautiful pieces were sold that day. I took it home late in the afternoon for $20.

I am curious if anyone else knows of this artist as very little is on the web other than a few references to her work in the Art & Leisure section of the old Daily Independent Journal from San Rafael California on May 3, 1962 when she displayed some pieces at another show. Another article (September 25, 1963) describes her life with husband Barry and his passion for restoring old cars. Anyone seen her other works?

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