Sunday, July 19, 2015

Shaken Not Stirred ????

What is a Mid Century experience without libations of some sort? Isn't every gentleman required to know how to make at least the perfect Cosmo or Dry Martini? How can you make cocktails without a shaker? Besides being a useful tool to concoct a great cocktail, a shaker is also piece of d├ęcor that adds sophistication and elegance to your bar. Don't think a cocktail shaker should just be functionally effective, it also has to look and feel good.

With the seemingly unlimited supply of chrome, aluminium, glass and stainless steel accoutrements manufactured during the middle of the last century choosing the right shaker and glassware can be mind boggling. I want something that works with my chrome, black and gold tone decor in the dining room so when I saw this 1950's Aluminum Mirro 'The Finest Aluminum' I thought with a little cleaner and elbow grease it would fit in well with our new home.

Mirro Aluminium Shaker
At $1 (Sunday at an Estate Sale) this 40oz bad boy was going home with me! With my Danish Stainless tray and a couple of Russel Wright Asterisk highball glasses - I think this will look great on the X-Leg service table in the dining room.

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