Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Butterfly's and Eyeballs

Took a few months, but I finally found a cover at#algomanetcompany for my vintage #midcentury 2-wire butterfly chairs ($25 for frame & $22 for oversized cover). 

I placed them beneath silver prints of the kids from #artrogersphotography with a #midcenturydesign chrome plant stand and #midcentury pottery planter I picked up at auction ($10). 

The eyeball lamp is from my #SanFrancisco days on Haight Street and after rewiring and replacing the bulb fixtures works great. #zgallerie provides the faux fur throw with super fine and comfy fleece backing ...

Designed in 1938 by Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy, also known as the BKF and the Hardoy chair, this design was first mass-produced in the US by Alvar Aalto's company Artek (the name a contraction of "art" and "technology"), Knoll bought the US rights to the chair in 1947, but stopped production in 1951 because they could not sue other manufacturers for making unauthorized reproductions of the Butterfly chair.


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