Monday, October 19, 2015

Nambe Score

This weeks #thriftscorethursday has gotta include the sleek, elegant Nambe candy/fruit bowl pulled from the "steel" bin at the goodwill in Marin County. She was looking pretty sad when I found her but with a bit of polish and lots of hope she soon joined the Nambe candlestick and my favorite #katespade coffee cup. 

Designed by Richard K. Thomas in 1951 the graceful swoop of the bowl embodies the #midcentury ethic with a fluid, asymmetrical flow. Both the bowl and the Nambe candlestick came home for $4.98 - thrift score !

#thriftstore #midcenturydecor #nambe#midcenturystyle #midcenturydesign#mynambe#katespadeny

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