Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Eric Hoglund Was Quite a Mystery ....

Erik Hoglund studied art and design in Sweden in the early 50's and through the next 3 decades is said to have revolutionized the art of Swedish glass. 

When I first picked up the well taped bundle of iron at the Goodwill I thought maybe this was one of those metal puzzles and tried to connect the hanging chain to the glass holders in some rational way ... NO! When I spotted the 'Sweden' imprint I heard the little voice say 'Buy It' thinking this must be #midcentury and not just old iron chains. 

For $4.98 I was on a google adventure that took a week to determine I had found an early #ErikHoglund iron candelabra ... Still keeping my eyes open for the original glass, for the time being it will hang in the alcove by the fireplace. 

1950's Eric Hoglund Candleabra

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