Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Gio Ponti Made Some Chairs

Walking through the back room of the Goodwill last weekend I spied the rope weave, delicate ball feet and stretched ladder back and passed thinking it was a #mcm knockoff, it was so light and the weave so perfect.I sat in the chair, it was solid.   

Back at home, while googling the usual keywords I found Gio Ponti, an Italian who designed mid century chairs meant to revolutionize the way the world viewed factory-produced furniture. He sought to reclaim the stylishness and artistic appeal of crafted furniture, while combining it with the ease of factory production. Interesting story, but since I had walked out without the chair I was pretty sure it would be snatched up pretty quick.  

However, I could not stop thinking about the fluid flow of the chairs design and returned on Wednesday morning to find the chair still in the back room and turning it over and looking at the front support saw the 'Made in Italy Mod.31' stamp I had seen on similar Ponti chairs on the web - $4.98 and it was in the back of Ole Blue ready to come home !!!

Gio Ponti Chair

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