Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Something Special

Found the perfect place to sit the #GeorgesBriard dish!! At an estate sale in #sanfrancisco over the weekend, amongst sooooo much turn of the century (19th!) heavy wood objects, down in the basement, was this delicate little #midcenturymodern walnut and glass top table!

Amongst a few other treasures, I took it home and it was quick work to refinish the wood and clean the glass ... I think it will work well in the sitting room and the Russel Wright Asterisk Glasses look great sitting on the Zebra skin coasters !!!
As I was reading a little about Georges Briard I learned this was NOT an actual person but a signature Jakob Brojdo (the artist) used to mark commercial glassware he designed which were 'wildly popular and numerous'. So popular were his designs that Jessica from the blog,There’s No Accounting for Good Taste, states: “Briard designs were so numerous and were produced for so many years that it’s difficult to get through an entire flea market without seeing something he designed, which makes them great entry-level collectibles.”

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